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Day of DH 2020 will take place on April 29. This year, Digital Humanists are encouraged to communicate what they do on Twitter, what they are working on and the rhythm of their life in DH. As many, if not most, institutions are working virtually because of COVID-19 social distancing and quarantines, we can reach out to one another and share how we are continuing our work and continuing our lives. The variety of experience from different parts of the world will provide a richer experience than ever! In the past, Centers have organized events or introduced new activities in their spaces as part of their Day of DH. As we are almost all away from our offices and center locations, this Day of DH provides an opportunity to share an online activity, host a meetup with other DH practitioners in your own and nearby time zones, or just to share favorite lectures, tutorials, blog posts or digital publications so that others may also experience them.

Day of DH on Twitter

Day of DH will be using the twitter hashtag #dayofdh2020.

Day of DH will take place primarily on Twitter, a widely used and easily accessible platform for many. If you or your center will be writing a blog post or sharing on some other medium, please tweet the URL of your blog post or web page. We will be collecting and archiving posts, and will try to harvest links as well. Please post about your work day, your plans and your daily activities. Day of DH is a way to show how digital humanities happens in many different ways, and is practiced by a varied group of people.

Please share pictures as you share your day! We'd like to make sure that everyone can read and participate in the Day of DH Twitter activity. To that end, you are encouraged to add alt-text to images that you post. To do this, you have to turn on the "Compose Image Description" feature which is in the "Accessibility" tab in the "Settings" menu of your Twitter app. You will then see a "Describe Image" label that allows you to insert a short description of the contents of your image. This is then visible to screen readers and other accessibility software. For more detail, see the Twitter support instructions: How to make images accessible for people or a video.

The @dayofdh Twitter account will be providing news and updates.

Following Day of DH on Twitter as it unfolds:

  • The simplest way to follow the #dayofdh2020 tweets is to type the hashtag into your twitter search window.
  • If you are using a twitter client, you may be able to set up separate search panes in order to follow multiple hashtags.

Planning for Day of DH at your Center

Because of COVID-19, many universities, research centers and places of work are closed, staff are working from home and everyone is practicing social distancing, so it is not possible to organize or participate in group activities. A center might host a virtual lecture, project presentation or stream a keynote lecture from the DH conference. Advertising this with the #dayofdh hashtag might bring many more attendees to your event than in our former, embodied times. You could also host a session of the Floating Meet-up.

Some Day of DH graphics and Zoom backgrounds.

Follow the @dayofdh Twitter account for latest news.

On April 29

  • Tweet what you are doing. Send a picture (don't forget the alt-text!).
  • Join a session of the floating Meet-up in your time zone or elsewhere in the world
  • Follow what your fellow digital humanists are up to

Events and here is a handy time zone page.

Contribute to Durham University's "Covid Study: Remote working and collaboration using digital technology"

@DayofDH and the study leaders will tweet prompts over the course of the day with the goal of learning more about the continuities or disjunctions experienced in remote work technologies. For more information, and to participate more fully in the study, see Covid Study: Remote working and collaboration using digital technology.

Archiving Day of DH

The Twitter stream will be harvested and the archive will be cleaned up and placed in one or more trusted repositories, such as Zenodo, as permitted.


Zoom Background Images

Image Design by Anna Doan ('21 Texas A&M)