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Day of DH 2021 will take place on April 29. The organizing committee this year is led by Loyola University Chicago and UCLA in USA, University of Guelph in Canada, and Università del Piedmont Orientale in Italy. Our theme this year is multilingual DH, and Digital Humanists from all corners of the world are encouraged to share their work not just on Twitter (as always!) but also Instagram, with the hashtag #dayofdh2021. We aim to open up conversation about projects being undertaken in the various languages and put together a list of non-English tools, libraries, software products, tips, hacks, and resources available for researchers and institutions.

In the past, Centers have organized events or introduced new activities in their spaces as part of their Day of DH. This Day of DH comes after a year of living in the virtual space and for that, it is more special. We have had a year of seeing human life and technology intersect intimately, and seen its affordances and its limitations come to fore virtual meeting after virtual meeting. So #dayofdh2021 provides us with an opportunity to share and reflect upon how a global pandemic changed DH, its directions, your research questions, and more.

Over the next few weeks, we will update the website with resources, suggested events to hold on your campus, and more. Keep an eye out, and for queries, please DM us on Twitter, or email us at

Day of DH on Social Media

Day of DH will be using the Twitter hashtag #dayofdh2021.

Day of DH will take place primarily on Twitter, a widely used and easily accessible platform for many. If you or your center will be writing a blog post or sharing on some other medium, please tweet the URL of your blog post or web page. We will be collecting and archiving posts, and will try to harvest links as well. Please post about your work day, your plans and your daily activities. Day of DH is a way to show how digital humanities happens in many different ways, and is practiced by a varied group of people.

New this Year: Day of DH on Instagram

This year, we’ll collect the visual stories and images of the day with the shared hashtag #dayofdh2021. Show off your projects, visualizations, exhibits, or your work-from-home setup. You can also record a reel to share or set up a guide to DH related studies.

Please share pictures as you share your day! We'd like to make sure that everyone can read and participate in the Day of DH Twitter activity. To that end, you are encouraged to add alt-text to images that you post. To do this, you have to turn on the "Compose Image Description" feature which is in the "Accessibility" tab in the "Settings" menu of your Twitter app. You will then see a "Describe Image" label that allows you to insert a short description of the contents of your image. This is then visible to screen readers and other accessibility software. For more detail, see the Twitter support instructions: How to make images accessible for people or a video.

The @dayofdh Twitter and @dayofdh Instagram account will be providing news and updates.

Following Day of DH on Twitter as it unfolds:

  • The simplest way to follow the #dayofdh2021 tweets is to type the hashtag into your Twitter or Instagram search window.
  • If you are using a Twitter client, you may be able to set up separate search panes in order to follow multiple hashtags.

Planning for Day of DH

Universities, research centers, and places of work may still be closed for in-person gatherings. However, borrowing from last year, an institution, center, department, or group might host a virtual lecture, project presentation or stream a keynote lecture from the DH conference. Advertising this with the #dayofdh or #dayofdh2021 hashtag might bring many more attendees to your event than in our former, embodied times. You could also host a session of the Floating Meet-up.

Follow the @dayofdh Twitter account for latest news.

Event Ideas

Here are some event ideas you can put together for at your DH organisation:

  • DH Tooklit: Our theme this year is Multilingual DH so we invite you to put together software toolkits in the language you work with, to turn the spotlight to how technological infrastructure interacts with language diversity.
  • DH Open Hour: How can a student or faculty start a DH project? How can humanities research intersect with DH work? How can professors and instructors use DH tools and methodology in their classrooms? Mentors, Directors, and DH Practitioners can host an open hour to help on-board new projects, or provide guidance to interested students. And don't forget to document your onboarding guides as you do so!
  • DH Ambassador: Digital Humanities Librarians will tell you that it is not unusual to find a project that qualifies as Dh research, but has not been tagged so. Undergraduates in Computer Science, Anthropology, English, Sociology, History, and other disciplines may or may not know of the potential of programs and study paths at the intersection of Digital Humanities. As a DH Ambassador, you can reach out to individuals or departments to talk about DH and spread the word!
  • DH Mixer: (concept by Kim Martin at the THINC lab at the University of Guelph). Call other centers, and organize a virtual meet and greet. You can identify centers you want a closer relationship with, or someone doing similar work, or just catch up with centers you have already worked with. You can find a list of DH Centers on our website here.
  • DH Student Lightening Talks: Spotlight the research being done by graduate and undergraduate students in DH with a dedicated Zoom session of lightening talks.
  • On April 29

    • Tweet what you are doing. Send a picture (don't forget the alt-text!).
    • Peruse our Instagram hashtag #dayofday2021 and add your own.
    • Join a session of the floating Meet-up in your time zone or elsewhere in the world
    • Follow what your fellow digital humanists are up to

    Events will be listed here in the days/weeks to come, along with time zones.

    Archiving Day of DH

    The Twitter stream will be harvested and the archive will be cleaned up and placed in one or more trusted repositories, such as Zenodo, as permitted.


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    Image Design edits by Eliora Horst (‘21 LUC), based on original 2020 design by Anna Doan ('21 Texas A&M)