Join the World Fair of DH Centres in Hamburg!

centerNet is inviting submissions of short videos to introduce and showcase activities from digital humanities centres around the world. These videos will be premiered as a collection at the centerNET meeting during DH2012 in Hamburg, and compiled on the centerNet website. We hope to see your centre represented at the World Fair of DH Centres!
Basic guidelines:
• keep the video short (about 1-2 minutes – no longer) • make the video self-contained (with narration and/or titling) • post the video on YouTube with the tag #dhcentervideo • let Stéfan Sinclair ( know your video is available
Examples of project videos from centerNet members are available here: (though please note that this call for videos is meant to focus more on centres than individual projects).
We encourage you to convey the local culture, humour and soul of your centre.