PROJECT SLAM at centerNet’s 2014 AGM

Introducing DHCommons PROJECT SLAM
Interested in having your project peer-reviewed in the inaugural issue of the DHCommons journal? Get started on crafting a project statement at the centerNet/ADHO lunchtime meeting at DH 2014! DHCommons will be hosting a PROJECT SLAM, where each project representative will have 90 seconds to briefly introduce the project, and speak about the contribution, presentation, and/or preservation aspects of the project, as guided by the topics in the DHCommons journal review guidelines:
DHCommons editors will also present some tips and suggestions for crafting a compelling project statement. Project statements are due August 15, 2014 for consideration for the first issue of the DHCommons journal; see for details.
“Contribution” questions include

  • How does the project advance contemporary discussions within its particular subject area?
  • Does the project fully engage with current scholarship in the field?
  • Do the digital methods employed offer unique insights into the project’s key questions?

“Presentation” questions include:

  • Does the interface effectively communicate and facilitate the goals, purpose, and argument of the project?
  • How do the design and content elements of the project interact and integrate with one another?
  • Discuss usability of the interface(s) from the perspective of a reader/researcher; if possible, also discuss usability from the perspective of current user experience best practices.

“Preservation” questions include:

  • Have relevant best practices and standards been followed for markup and metadata?
  • Is documentation available about the project? Is information provided about who, why and when and how different responsibilities were assigned?
  • How is the project hosted? Through a university server? A commercial host? A non-profit organization? Is there evidence of ongoing commitment to support of the project at the level of hosting? Is there similar evidence of ongoing support from project personnel?
  • Is there a preservation and maintenance plan for the interface, software, and associated databases (multiple copies, mirror sites, collaboration with data archives, etc.)? Is the project fully exportable/transferable?
  • Is the software being used proprietary, open-source, or editable by multiple programs? Are there clear plans for future accessibility? Will researchers have access to project material and/or metadata outside of a web-based interface?
  • Is there a sustainability plan, if appropriate?