CFP: Calling for Proposals to Host Day of DH in 2017 and 2018

A Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities (Day of DH) is an open community initiative sponsored by centerNet that each year brings together scholars interested in the digital humanities from around the world to document what they do on one day. The goal is to create a website that weaves together a picture of the participants’ activities on the day and which answers the question, ‘Just what do digital humanists really do?’ Participants document their day through photographs and text, all of which is published on a community online platform, forming a record of the day. Both during and after the day, people are encouraged to read and comment on their fellow participants’ posts. DH has been a centerNet initiative since 2012.

Day of DH has been generously hosted for the past 2 years by LINHD: Laboratorio de Innovación en Humanidades Digitales de la UNED, and was previously hosted by MATRIX at Michigan State University. See the latest Day of DH site for further information:

centerNet is now accepting proposals for the next Digital Humanities center to host this worldwide event. We are asking for a TWO YEAR hosting commitment for 2017 and 2018.

Your center will need to meet these basic requirements:

  • install and directly manage a robust, high traffic multi-user WordPress/BuddyPress installation
  • create and manage your own domains
  • have in-house programming support to customize the look and feel of the WordPress/BuddyPress installation
  • be a paying member of centerNet. For more information on membership, see

If you are interested, please send your 1-page proposal detailing your technical and managerial capacity to centerNet’s International Secretary, Meral Karrasch [] by June 30, 2016. Proposals can be submitted in English, Spanish, or French, as well as other languages in cases where translation is readily available (for other languages, please check first with the Secretary).

We will choose and announce the new Day of DH 2017 + 2018 hosting center at the DH2016 conference.